South West News soars to 4,000 visits in first month

  • 24th October 201624/10/16
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A month ago we launched our very own news site promoting everything that Devon and Cornwall has to offer.  Aptly named, South West News has proven to be a popular addition to residents and businesses across the region.

In just 30 days we’ve already received 4,000 visits to the site, a figure we think we can beat in coming months! We’re currently promoting an industry each week; our first week we spent searching for the best coffee shops around, last week we were on the hunt for the cream of the crop when it comes to family attractions, and this week we’re devoting our time to discovering some of the region’s top local pubs.

Unfortunately, we’re completely snowed under with client work, so spending all of our days on the road experiencing everything for ourselves isn’t really an options, so we’ve turned to our Twitter followers to give us their own recommendations.  What better source than hearing it from the horses mouth!

Watch out for our tweets asking for your recommendations; you can find us on Twitter @mihidigital and if you’re yet to visit South West News then please do give it look over by going to

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