Success with viral: Jog on kitties! Cats with opposable thumbs

  • 9th December 20139/12/13
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“Why do cats stare when you are pouring milk?”

The sheer number of us that will have seen the Cravendale adverts depicting the evolution of the cat into an animal with opposable thumbs and eyes for our milk is testament to the success of the campaign ran by agency Wieden + Kennedy.

It is a great example of how viral advertising and concept can add value to the bottom line when done well.

The results are there for all to see:

  1. The ad above has had more than 7.1 million views on YouTube and 33k of likes
  2. 5,608 likes on Facebook with a page for a fictional cat with opposable thumbs creaming in 1,500 likes on its own!
  3. The campaign reports an increase in excess of 2,000% in social buzz on Twitter as a result of the campaign

And just to confirm it wasn’t a load of social hype – a reported increase in sales of around 8%.

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