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A few tips for blogging success

What makes a good blog article?  It can be many things – it can be useful, funny, informative or thought provoking! Here are seven tips from us to help you on the way to blogging superstardom! Jot down ideas during the day One of the most common things we get told is that people can’t […]

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How long should a blog article be?

There are a few questions we get asked quite a lot and what we try to do is answer as many of those in our blog as we find that if one person is asking it another is probably thinking it! With the onset of ‘content marketing’ and the importance of having top notch quality […]

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Blog posts with imagery gain 96% more clicks

Statistics have shown that blog articles with a photo or some form of image can gain anything up to 96% more clicks than those without. So take a look at your blog and tell us what you see. Is it reams after reams of solid text?  Can you expect your visitors to read all of […]

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Welcome to the first MiHi blog post!

Wow – our first blog post! Lets start by saying thanks for visiting this blog and the Mihi Digital site! So going forward what sort of things will we be blogging about on here? Well, hopefully everything that you want to know and read about in the world of marketing and in particular online / […]

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