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Are you learning from your own content?

So content is king. You’ve heard the words ‘content marketing’ so many times that they will forever be etched in your mind. You’ve listened to what the experts have said and you’re creating content that is of value to your website visitors.  You’re writing what they want to hear about and those little gems are […]

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Content marketing – The top five benefits of adding content

If you’re a small business owner then there are categorically never enough hours in the day. What that means to us is that when we’re advising other business owners we need to make sure that what we’re suggesting is going to deliver results in the time they are able to devote to that activity. So, […]

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Benefits of Adding Regular Content: Extending your search Tail

Adding regular content to your website takes time and effort. You want to know that what it is you’re doing is right and that it’s going to be benefiting you and your business. Here’s one way adding great content to your website will benefit your business. Novels or fliers – which will rank more in […]

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A few tips for blogging success

What makes a good blog article?  It can be many things – it can be useful, funny, informative or thought provoking! Here are seven tips from us to help you on the way to blogging superstardom! Jot down ideas during the day One of the most common things we get told is that people can’t […]

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How long should a blog article be?

There are a few questions we get asked quite a lot and what we try to do is answer as many of those in our blog as we find that if one person is asking it another is probably thinking it! With the onset of ‘content marketing’ and the importance of having top notch quality […]

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Success with viral: Jog on kitties! Cats with opposable thumbs

“Why do cats stare when you are pouring milk?” The sheer number of us that will have seen the Cravendale adverts depicting the evolution of the cat into an animal with opposable thumbs and eyes for our milk is testament to the success of the campaign ran by agency Wieden + Kennedy. It is a […]

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Email Marketing – Getting Barack Obama back in the White House

Not many will be aware of the impact that email marketing played in getting President Barack Obama re-elected to the most powerful position in the world. 20 writers working around the clock generated a staggering $690 million for the campaign. So how did they do it? After all many have been doom mongering email marketing […]

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