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When is the best time for your business to post on Facebook?

Timing means everything in life, and Facebook is no different; get it right and you’ll reach as many people as is physically possible for your page, get it wrong and you’ll be just like one of those trees falling in the forest when nobody’s around! So if you have a business in Devon or Cornwall […]

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Facebook is making your newsfeed more relevant to you

How often do you check Facebook? Once a day, twice an hour, or every five minutes? Whenever you check your News Feed, there’s something that never changes – its relevance to you. When Facebook launched ‘News Feed’ in 2006, it was simply a place where you could see a selection of latest updates from friends, […]

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Five Common Facebook Errors

With more than 1 billion users worldwide most people’s customers and clients are on Facebook. For many this has made it the go-to social network when businesses look to crack the social media nut. Many businesses means much competition; as with most things in life, those doing it well will grow and strive forward, those […]

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How much does social media affect Google rankings?

This is a question now asked perhaps more than any other online; to what extent does social media affect your sites rankings in Google? Is there really a direct correlation between social media activity and search engine ranking domination? We’ve taken it from the horses mouth.  Above is a video from Matt Cutts, head of […]

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What makes a Facebook page successful?

This is a question that I get asked pretty frequently. Many companies know or feel that they should be on Facebook but they are unsure of what that special ingredient is; the difference between a page thriving and garnering daily likes and a page that just never got off the ground. The rationale for a […]

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Five Keys to Social Media Success

How successful as a business are you on social media?  The answer to that question will of course depend on the goals of your business, how you measure against those goals and how good those measurements are looking for you. Ultimately the question is what are you looking to gain and are you gaining it? […]

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Facebook Facts – The Average User

We’ve put together a few facts and figures, taken from Facebook themselves to help give you an idea of the sheer scale and size of the social network and who is using it. Loads of Users There are 24 million Facebook users in the UK – that’s around 38% of the population.  Take a moment […]

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Facebook Statistics: Where a lot can happen in a day and a month

We’ve taken a look at some interesting Facebook statistics that emphasise just how large the world’s biggest social network is. Here is how the figures shape up for the average Facebook day: One in every seven minutes spent on the internet is devoted to Facebook 699 million Facebook users are active on any given day […]

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