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How much does social media affect Google rankings?

This is a question now asked perhaps more than any other online; to what extent does social media affect your sites rankings in Google? Is there really a direct correlation between social media activity and search engine ranking domination? We’ve taken it from the horses mouth.  Above is a video from Matt Cutts, head of […]

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Great Google+ Video and Four Interesting Take Aways

We saw this video shared on Twitter by @SamWardman and we liked it that much we wanted to share it with you on our blog! We’ve already written plenty on the subject of Google+ and we think the video brings up four very interesting themes: Where does it fit in? This is a big problem. […]

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Where does Google + fit in?

So you already have a Facebook business page, you have a buzzing Twitter account and a well-networked LinkedIn profile. Where does Google + fit in to this mix, or does it fit at all? When you look at Google + from a social network market positioning it’s clear it has an early problem and that […]

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Five Keys to Social Media Success

How successful as a business are you on social media?  The answer to that question will of course depend on the goals of your business, how you measure against those goals and how good those measurements are looking for you. Ultimately the question is what are you looking to gain and are you gaining it? […]

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Is using Google+ an inevitability for you?

Google+ is owned by Google! Surprise, surprise we hear you say! But what does this mean and what does it mean for the social way you exist on the internet?  Google+ has been missing the secret, or not so secret ingredient to a successful social media network; critical mass. If your friends aren’t on there […]

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Google Plus growth in numbers

With Google now more than a year old we took a look at how many users are now signed up to the network and worked out some quite astonishing figures on how many people are joining Google Plus: Google Plus has 369 million users worldwide* That averages out at 800,000 users joining Google Plus per […]

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MiHi are on Google Plus!

Well, in all honesty this isn’t latest earth shattering news from MiHi; we’ve been on there since we first started! We just wanted to make sure you knew where to find us… To give you a little background in case you aren’t as familiar with Google Plus as some of the other social networks such […]

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