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Where does Google + fit in?

So you already have a Facebook business page, you have a buzzing Twitter account and a well-networked LinkedIn profile. Where does Google + fit in to this mix, or does it fit at all? When you look at Google + from a social network market positioning it’s clear it has an early problem and that […]

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Do you know what your customers are searching for?

Ranking highly in Google is great, particularly if you’re number one for a key phrase. But what if that key phrase isn’t actually used by your potential customers? What if despite the glamour of your number one ranking it’s not going to deliver your site traffic? Ranking highly for phrases that your potential customers are […]

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Is using Google+ an inevitability for you?

Google+ is owned by Google! Surprise, surprise we hear you say! But what does this mean and what does it mean for the social way you exist on the internet?  Google+ has been missing the secret, or not so secret ingredient to a successful social media network; critical mass. If your friends aren’t on there […]

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Google Analytics – Why wouldn’t you use it?

If your website doesn’t have Google Analytics do you know what you are missing?  The answer is perhaps not because if you did you would be adding that little bit of tracking code to every one of your pages quicker than Google could utter the words “do no evil”. Google Analytics has an incredible amount […]

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Google – big numbers, big importance

These statistics will be a quick reminder to just how big a shop window Google is for your business.  For more information on how we can help improve your performance in Google please give us a call or email

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