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LinkedIn: Who’s viewed your updates?

How many connections do you currently have? How many of those do you estimate regularly post updates to LinkedIn? Now this will obviously depend on what industry you are in and as a result which your connections work in; marketing and business development professionals understandably tend to be a little more savvy than others. If […]

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Are Twitter and LinkedIn natural partners?

We recently wrote a blog post about using syndication and scheduling to save the time you need to spend on social media each day. The blog (which you can read by clicking here if you missed it first time round) suggested that if you use it correctly as a support tool, syndication can be useful […]

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Is syndication a friend or foe of social media?

Social media is by definition about being social; interacting with other people through the internet whether they be friends, work colleagues or people in your area of expertise or geography. With this comes an element of time.  If you wanted to go for a drink with someone in real life you’d need to invest the […]

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