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Exciting and busy week at MiHi Digital

As many of you may know, it’s been an incredibly exciting and busy week at MiHi Digital. Our business, which was set up by Mark whilst sat at his two seater dining table in the living room of his one bedroom flat on the Exeter Quayside just three years ago, has moved to 900 sq. […]

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Digital marketing specialist celebrates bumper first year in business

A local digital marketing specialist has made a fast start to life as a business owner having won more than 50 client accounts in his first year. Mark Worden, previously responsible for online marketing at two of well established Westcountry brands, law firm Stephens Scown LLP and insurance company Cornish Mutual, created MiHi Digital a […]

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Broadwoodwidger – where are we based?

We’re based in a small village one minute off the A30 dual carriageway called Broadwoodwidger. Never heard of it? It’s a small village but we believe it is the ideal base for our business.  Just one minute from the main route through the region on the border of Devon and Cornwall, we are able to […]

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2013 – What a Year!

When I look back at 2013 I do so with a large degree of satisfaction and pride. We launched our website on 7th October 2013. Eighty-one days. Eighty-one days ago and boy what a lot has happened during that period.  Well in excess of 1,000 website visitors, more than 3,000 mentions on Twitter and a […]

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Have you liked the MiHi Digital Facebook Page?

We thought that we would put a short but sweet blog post together giving our Facebook page a little plug. Facebook is a massive marketplace; it has more than one billion active users per month, which towers above other comparative social networks.  It’s also got a huge reach and pull in the UK; one in […]

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MiHi are on Google Plus!

Well, in all honesty this isn’t latest earth shattering news from MiHi; we’ve been on there since we first started! We just wanted to make sure you knew where to find us… To give you a little background in case you aren’t as familiar with Google Plus as some of the other social networks such […]

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