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Have you liked the MiHi Digital Facebook Page?

We thought that we would put a short but sweet blog post together giving our Facebook page a little plug. Facebook is a massive marketplace; it has more than one billion active users per month, which towers above other comparative social networks.  It’s also got a huge reach and pull in the UK; one in […]

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MiHi are on Google Plus!

Well, in all honesty this isn’t latest earth shattering news from MiHi; we’ve been on there since we first started! We just wanted to make sure you knew where to find us… To give you a little background in case you aren’t as familiar with Google Plus as some of the other social networks such […]

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Welcome to the first MiHi blog post!

Wow – our first blog post! Lets start by saying thanks for visiting this blog and the Mihi Digital site! So going forward what sort of things will we be blogging about on here? Well, hopefully everything that you want to know and read about in the world of marketing and in particular online / […]

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