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We’re ranking number one nationally in Google for our SEO Audit!

If you’re looking for SEO (search engine optimisation) then you’ll want to know that what it is you’re getting is credible.  That it’s going to deliver results for you, be measurable and get more of the people that are going to by from you flocking to your website. With that in mind we’re delighted to […]

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How much does social media affect Google rankings?

This is a question now asked perhaps more than any other online; to what extent does social media affect your sites rankings in Google? Is there really a direct correlation between social media activity and search engine ranking domination? We’ve taken it from the horses mouth.  Above is a video from Matt Cutts, head of […]

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The basics of an SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is geared toward making you rank for key phrases that will drive new custom to your website.  There are two real keys to how this is done; the first is volume and the second is an understanding of competition. Let us explain: Volume Some words and groups of words (key phrases) […]

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Things to avoid when looking for an SEO company

We recently wrote a blog post on why you shouldn’t let a bad experience of SEO (search engine optimisation) put you off the industry as a whole and the benefits SEO can have on your site. We believe that if SEO hasn’t worked for you in the past that you have selected the wrong company […]

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Long Tail vs Short Tail Search

When using Google or any other search engine there are two forms of query: Short Tail These are the ones targeted with search engine optimisation.  They are often short in length and are what many people will search for e.g. Search Engine Optimisation Cornwall. Because this is where the search volume is it makes sense […]

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Checking your search competition

Online marketing is competitive. No matter what the industry, your customers are likely to be comparing you directly against your competitors and with your website being the largest single resource on your services and products, they’ll be looking at this to support their buying decision. What many people will do during the course of the […]

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What is search engine optimisation and what is it for?

Lets start with a quick definition: “Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine” And what is it for? To ensure that you rank well for the key terms that your visitors are searching for.  You want to be the first thing […]

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Making your website work for your business

We have three half-day courses coming up in Tavistock, which we will be providing as an external trainer for West Devon BIP. If your business is rurally based and you employ less than 10 full time employees these courses are aimed at helping to provide your business with an online platform from which you can […]

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