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Digital marketing agency takes up new office space as expansion continues

PRESS RELEASE A local digital marketing agency has moved to larger premises as the company continues to go from strength-to-strength. Having been set up by digital marketing specialist Mark Worden from the living room of a one-bedroom flat on the Exeter Quayside three years ago, the business will now service more than 150 clients from […]

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Best times for businesses to post on Twitter

Most businesses across Devon and Cornwall will have a Twitter account by now. Good, so we’ve got one thing in common! The only problem is that most businesses will also have something else binding them together; they’ll either not really know what it is they’re getting from it (or why they’re doing it), and also […]

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When is the best time for your business to post on Facebook?

Timing means everything in life, and Facebook is no different; get it right and you’ll reach as many people as is physically possible for your page, get it wrong and you’ll be just like one of those trees falling in the forest when nobody’s around! So if you have a business in Devon or Cornwall […]

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Social media is no longer a job for interns, and Hootsuite knows it

Social media has become a vital part of running a business, particularly in rural areas such as the South West. Despite sites such as Twitter and Facebook bringing in thousands of pounds each year for companies across the country, many still don’t take it seriously and often palm the job of Tweeting off to a […]

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Facebook is making your newsfeed more relevant to you

How often do you check Facebook? Once a day, twice an hour, or every five minutes? Whenever you check your News Feed, there’s something that never changes – its relevance to you. When Facebook launched ‘News Feed’ in 2006, it was simply a place where you could see a selection of latest updates from friends, […]

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Five common mistakes on Twitter

We’re passionate about social media and helping businesses to gain more from it.  With this in mind we’ve taken a look at five common errors you should be avoiding with your Twitter account. Not having objectives or a purpose There are two phrases that we here more than any others when we talk to businesses […]

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Why you should integrate social media with email marketing

Some have been writing the email marketing obituary for some time now but it’s not going away and it still has a valuable role to play when integrated with your other marketing activity. A lot of businesses in Devon and Cornwall will have customers that having purchased from them will then have a potentially lengthy […]

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What is a hashtag and what can it do for you? #JackIsBack

When we’re giving Twitter training one thing we’re commonly asked about is hashtags.  What are they? What do they do? How can you use them to your advantage? Most people will have by now heard of a hashtag, even if you’re unsure as to what they are or how to use them.  The fact that […]

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