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Innovative companies team up to launch ecommerce presence

A leading remote aerial filming company has teamed up with local digital marketing agency MiHi Digital to launch their new website. Flyonix, whose clients include the BBC, ITV, Avios and Stanley recently gained international attention and more than 150,000 YouTube views when they developed their own flying Tardis and took to the skies over rural […]

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Where do you place your contact page on a website?

A primary objective of your website should be to make it easy to use and navigate.  Why make it more difficult for your visitor than it needs to be? One of the simplest and easiest tools in a websites armoury is to have a contact us page.  The vast majority, if not all websites will […]

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How easy is your website to navigate?

You know your business better than anyone else.  That’s a good thing; you understand what your strengths are, where your weaknesses lie and what your customers want. Or do you? Understanding every detail of your business can be a double edged sword when it comes to your website.  Do you end up structuring it the […]

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