The role of managing customer expectations in converting initial enquiries to brand advocates

  • 19th December 201319/12/13
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Gaining customer loyalty is a key for any business.  Obtaining customers that come back time and time again, not only for the repeat revenue stream they provide but also for the positive brand reflections that they will likely give to their peer group.  Many peer groups will be bound together if not out of necessity but by a bond of common interests or personality traits.

The upshot is that your loyal customer is likely to be telling his or her peer group exactly why they keep on coming back and the value of this word of mouth is further exacerbated by the principle that they may well have the same interests or buying habits.

They will become, by definition, qualified targets.

Now, there is certainly no one stop fix to turn an initial enquiry through to a regular customer and then the final step of brand advocate but one thing that you will need to be doing is combining a great service or product along with the effective management of customer expectations.  Meeting or potentially exceeding customer expectations can never be underestimated in value – what do your customers expect from you or your product?

If for example they book a four star holiday and they get a two star experience will they be happy?

On the flip side, what if they book the same holiday and get a five star deluxe experience, what next? Can you live up to the raising of their expectations from previous experience?

There is an old marketing adage that someone that has a positive brand experience will tell four to six people.  Someone that has a negative brand experience will tell 12 to 16.

Gaining repeat visitors and ultimately brand advocates will be the reward of many things over a long period of time.

With the stakes so high, making sure that you know what your customers are looking for, what they expect and how you can manage those expectations will need to be in the mix.

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