Top five reasons you should take your dogs on holiday

  • 25th February 201625/02/16
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Blog post courtesy of Blagdon Manor, a dog-friendly hotel and restaurant nestled in rural Devon.

We’re all aware ‘a dog isn’t just for Christmas’, but what do you do if you want to take a holiday over the festive period or any other time during the year?

Do you reluctantly put them in kennels or ask friends and family to take on a man’s best friend? Whether it’s for a few days or a weeklong break, why not remove the burden of such a decision by taking them with you!

At Blagdon Manor our dogs are part of the family so where we go, they go.

Here are five reasons you should be taking them with you on your next break, and finding the very best dog friendly accommodation available….

Save on kennel costs

For many dog owners, placing your dog into kennels will often be a decision you ponder for a considerable amount of time; have they been before? Will they fret in your absence? These are all questions you may be asking yourself.

With the price of boarding kennels ranging between £15 and £50 a day depending on the size of your dog, the added cost to your holiday can soon rack up.

By seeking dog friendly accommodation you can take this cost and worry away from every break you take, knowing that your pooch will be as pampered as you are.

Peace of mind

Dogs are part of the family and when you’re on holiday you want to be able to relax knowing they are in good hands.

Whether you’re putting your pooch in the kennels or using a dog sitter, even though they’re in a safe place, no doubt they’ll still be in the back of your mind.

Taking your dogs with you gives you peace of mind and allows you to fully enjoy your holiday.

More facilities

With more facilities and places catering for dogs than ever before, taking your dog on holiday needn’t be a hassle.

The number of people taking their beloved pet on holiday is on the up, with more than 73,000 ‘pet passports’ issued by vets in 2014.

Here at Blagdon Manor our hotel is completely dog friendly and there’s plenty of space for your pets to roam.

There has never been a better time to holiday with your dogs!

Never having to say goodbye

There’s nothing worse than the pangs of guilt you feel when leaving your pets behind.

Studies show that dogs can sense an owners’ absence and it can cause anxiety.

Does your dog bark or whine when you leave the house for a few hours? If so, this could be separation anxiety. Imagine how your dogs will feel if you left them for longer periods!

Avoid having to look into those sad eyes again by booking accommodation that can cater for both you and your dogs.

Avoid dog stress

A holiday should be a stress-free time, but what about your dogs?

Along with separation anxiety, dogs can get ‘boarding kennel stress’. Imagine being put in a different place, with new people and a change of diet and routine; like a human, all these factors can cause stress for a dog when in new surroundings.

Dogs need to be gradually introduced to different environment.

By taking your dog on holiday this saves any unwelcome veterinary bills or a call from the kennels saying your dogs won’t settle.

Book your holiday today

For more information about Blagdon Manor’s dog friendly services or to book a stay give us a call on 01409 211224 or visit

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