Useful tool for checking if Google Authorship is set up correctly on your website

What is Google Authorship?

If you have a Google + profile it links the content that you publish on your website to you as an individual.  The upshot of this is the headshots you’ll see next to some search results when you are searching in Google.  These have been proven to improve and increase click through rates.

How do you set it up?

You can set up Google Authorship for your website by following Google’s instructions here:

You’ll need your own Google + profile and of course a website that you contribute to!

The slight delay

Google can take a while to recognise that you have set authorship up and for it to appear in search results.  This can be anything from a couple days to a couple weeks.

What you’ll want to do in the meantime is check that you have set it up correctly and that you are just waiting for Google to recognise it in search results rather than just waiting!

Useful tool for checking if Google Authorship is set up correctly

To check that it is all set up correctly please click on this link:

All you’ll need to do is type your website address and submit!
As easy as that – what you should get is a message on the screen saying that authorship is working correctly, along with a congratulations from Google!

You then need to wait for it to appear in Google!

When will it appear?

Please note that once you’ve set it up it won’t necessarily appear for every single search result your website ranks for.  Google decide when it helps their searchers.

For more information or for help setting up Google Authorship on your website please give us a call on 01566 784860 or

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