What is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google?

If you open up another Internet browser window and go to Google, have a search for the term ‘car insurance’.  You’ll see at the top of the search page some results in a coloured box and some others that appear down the right hand side:

ppc search example

You will see that GoCompare and are placed in the coloured box at the top of the screen and are joined be even more down the side including the likes of Direct Line, Saga and Churchill.

These listings are not the same as those you see from the same and other companies on the centre of this image.  They are paid for adverts with the companies allocating advertising budget and paying for every click that is received on the listing.

For example, each time somebody visits Google and types in a search term like ‘car insurance’ the company advertising will be charged if that person clicks on their advert.  The cost of that click will depend on the competition of the key phrase; the car insurance industry is incredibly competitive in this respect.

You can advertise your products or services just as other companies do or you can get MiHi to run your advertising campaigns for you.  To keep a cap on your spending you can allocate a daily or monthly budget, which key phrases you would like to appear for and how much you are willing to pay for each click.  If you are working with MiHi on your advertising we’ll do all the research for you, identifying how best to get the most from the budget you want to commit.

Once your budget has been exhausted your adverts will stop appearing in search results and Google and MiHi will work to optimise your campaign to make sure it will perform as well as possible.

So does it cost the earth? The answer is that it can be very cost effective – you’ll need to weigh up how much you would want to spend and the breakeven point for your expenditure.

For example, how much are you spending and what are the potential sales you will get from advertising on Google?

One of the benefits of pay per click advertising is that it can extend your search engine reach by placing your company in front of new visitors searching for terms you otherwise are not ranking well for organically.

Want to know more? If you would like to discuss if pay per click advertising could be right for your business then please give us a no obligation call or email and we’ll explain all of your options.

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