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  • 22nd November 201322/11/13
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Yeo Valley is no stranger to organic dairy products but when the family farm broadened their advertising horizons and took to rapping and song they soon had an online viral winning success on their hands.

They first came to the prominent attention of many of us with their somewhat catchy Yeo Valley rap.

This rap was incredibly successful for the brand; not only from the two million plus views it had on YouTube, but also in gaining significant market share of the adult yogurt and organic markets. This translated to a 14.6% increase in year on year sales for the 12 week period after the launch of the rap.

27,000 copies of the rap sold on the iTunes store was no slouch either!

Were they done there? Oh no they weren’t. The rap was followed by something that Westlife or Boyzone would have been proud of in their pomp.

Their follow up was ‘Churned Forever’:

750,000 YouTube views followed with the advert first aired during a Saturday night edition of the X Factor. Released as a single, the song charted at number 32 in the iTunes chart just two hours after appearing on the show.

Not a bad follow up at all!

So what does all this tell us? Should we all be taking to the microphone and singing to our hearts content?

No, probably not! But it is a refreshing reminder that creativity is essential in making your brand stand out. When done well and on this scale it can also have a real impact on your bottom line.

* Campaign for Yeo Valley created by agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty

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