Brand Protection

Want to know what your customers are saying and that your brand is protected? Say MiHi to brand protection.

Brand Protection

People talk. With the increasing connectivity of the internet and in particular social media they now talk even more.

They are talking about your brand, your company and their recent experiences. In doing so they are shaping the perceptions of those around them.

Research has shown that if someone has a positive experience with a brand they’ll tell four to six people. If they have a negative experience they’ll tell 12 to 16 people. If those comments are on the internet they are there for many more to see.

Making sure that you know what your customers are saying and responding quickly can be the difference between a negative statement spreading and a negative being shifted to a positive.

Monitoring your brand

Keeping a constant eye on your social media networks and what people are saying about you can be an arduous and time-consuming task. How do you monitor it all whilst doing the day job? That’s where we can help.

We’re able to monitor your brand and provide you with alerts if you need to respond to comments made, whether they are positive or negative. This allows you to proactively manage your online presence.

We are also able to monitor your comments against your competitors. Where do you stand in comparison to others? If there are gaps in your presence we can identify and address them with our social media services or training.

Your website domains

Do you own all of the domains for your brand or at least the .com and

Many domains are owned by ‘squatters’ hosting single page websites with very little content on them. Think about the business you could potentially be losing if someone goes to this site instead of your own.

We are able to negotiate with these sites in order to get you the best price to acquire the domain and protect your brand.

We’re also able to advise you on which domains you should purchase and also manage these domains for you so that they point to your main website.

Lets discuss protecting your brand

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