Video Marketing

Got a brilliant video but want to reach more people and gain more views? Say MiHi to video marketing.

Video marketing for your business

Many more businesses across Devon and Cornwall are turning to video to market their business.  Video is a great tool to drive engagement online; people like video, they like seeing the face behind the business, people buy from people and what is more, it can drive sales.

So you’ve got a great new video, you’ve embedded it into your blog or website, then what?

That’s where we come in.  We want to take your video and give it to the world.

We want to make sure the people that need to see it get to.  Our video marketing package aims to make sure you make the most of the great video you’ve had produced.

If you’re looking for more views from local people interested in your products and services we’re here to help.

Video Marketing for Search Engines

It can be more than ten times easier to rank on page one of Google for a video than a normal web page but you’ll need to ensure you have the technical knowhow to help you get there.

We ensure your video has the best possible start in life; giving your site an individual video sitemap and ensuring it’s in the hunt for all of the right key phrases.  This lays the foundations for the long-term success of your video.

We’ll also make sure you are getting everything right for YouTube – every small detail from the tags you are using to the name of your video file.  It’s the natural home for your video and it will be competing with many others; we’ll make it stand out and easy to find.

Promoting Video with Social Media and Email

Promoting your video and your business should be integrated.  That’s why we’ll leave no promotional stone unturned to ensure yours gets the views it deserves.

In our video marketing package we include promotion through social media channels as well as setting up email marketing campaigns to your customers and contacts; you already know them so it’s a natural promotional channel.

If you’re like us you and your staff will also send plenty of emails throughout the day; we can help you promote your business through fully branded email signatures that not only promote your video but other ongoing promotions and social media accounts that you have.

To gain more views for your videos please get in touch.

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Looking to promote your videos? How else can we help your online presence?

Digital Strategy

If you’re getting a new site then we’d love to discuss your digital strategy and increase the revenue that you gain from the internet.

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Search Engine Optimisation

We’ll build you a site that is going to rank well in the search engines.  Give your website an ongoing push with our SEO services, aimed at increasing your online revenue.

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Social Media

If you’re getting a new website this could be the right time for you to bring your social media approach to a new level.

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Advertising on Google

Pay Per Click advertising could give your new website the extra boost it needs.

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Brand monitoring and protection

People are constantly talking about your brand and company on the internet.  We can monitor and help you react quicker to protect your reputation.

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We offer training on all aspects online marketing and what is more, we’ll tailor it for your business.  This includes training on Google Analytics so you’ll be able to fully understand how well your new site is doing.

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