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Want to make better decisions on your online presence? Say MiHi to Google Analytics training.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a small piece of code you can add to your website that gives you a whole world of information on your sites performance.

Like all decisions, when you are making choices on your website you want all the possible information in front of you.  Google Analytics gives you that information.

It can be used to identify a seemingly endless list of information; from which sites you advertise on are driving traffic, which content your visitors like the most, how they are finding your site and even the screen resolution on their computer!

Identifying and understanding the information that Google Analytics provides you with is the key to making your website work even better for your visitors, and become even more profitable.

Our Google Analytics training

Our training can be tailored to your current level of experience. If you have never used Google Analytics before then it’s not a problem; we can show you how to log on, the basic information and how you can use it to make better website decisions.

If you are familiar with analytics we can guide you through setting up funnels and goals to give you even more valuable and relevant information at your fingertips.

We’ll discuss your current level of analytics expertise before we provide your training to make sure it is focused on what you aim to get out of it and so we are able build upon what you already know.

How is your site doing?

If you already have Google Analytics running on your website we will conduct a full review of your account before we give your training. We’ll highlight where things are going well and other areas where things could be improved on your site.

We’ll then take you through how we located and found these issues to enable you to keep an eye on them going forward.

We pride our training on being as tailored and flexible as possible; if it is easier for you we’re able to conduct your analytics training at your place of work.

For more information on our Google Analytics training or an individual report on your website performance please give us a call.

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