Current Vacancies – Work Experience & Internships

Are you currently looking to gain some experience in digital marketing? Based in Devon or Cornwall and excited to gain that experience at an agency working with some amazing brands? We have the perfect opportunity for you…

What do we do?

We’re a digital marketing agency. What’s that actually mean in reality? It means we help clients across Devon, Cornwall and beyond generate more revenue from the Internet.

A large part of that will be through building their website (we’ve built more than 80 in the past three years), but we also help them to rank higher on Google, generate more business enquiries from platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and to use online marketing to find their potential customers and reach them.

It’s an incredibly fast moving and exciting industry to be involved in, and as an agency we’re growing quickly, which makes MiHi a pretty great place to work; in the past three years we’ve won no fewer than 180 clients. Those businesses turn over a combined £400 million a year, and they work in pretty much every industry you can imagine.

The Opportunity

For the first time we’re looking to give some very talented and driven people the opportunity to gain first hand experience of life and work at MiHi Digital.

We’ll be offering periods of work experience and short-term internships, during which you’ll work alongside our team and help us with client projects. We’re a small team, but we’re a very busy team; at any time we’re working on more than 20 websites, helping no fewer than 10 clients with writing and blogging, and another 10 on their search engine rankings.

What that means for you is that you’ll have a great opportunity to have a unique first hand experience of pretty much every element of digital marketing. If you’re as excited about working in this industry as we are, we think this really is a great opportunity for the right people to grab with both hands.

The Person

So who is it we’re looking to join us for work experience or an internship? No matter if you’ll be joining us for a couple of days, a week or even two weeks we have a certain type of person that we’re after.

First of all, you’ll need to be passionate about wanting to work in this area of marketing; we love what we do, and we know that lots of other people do too, so we want anyone joining us in the office to share our passion in doing the very best for our clients.

For that reason, when you apply we’d like to hear a little about why you’re wanting to gain work experience or an internship in digital marketing, the area of it that you feel interests you the most, and what you think you’ll gain from the experience.

No matter if you’re currently at university, college or are just about to embark on your career, we’re looking forward to hearing from you and giving you a taste of our job and business.

How to Apply

To apply for work experience or an internship with MiHi Digital please send an email to Mark Worden, our Managing Director (, with some information about you and what makes you tick. We’d also like to hear about why you want to gain experience within digital marketing, the area that you’re most interested in and what you’d like to gain from your time.

Due to the volume of work applications we receive we won’t be able to accept all applicants, so please do spend some time thinking about and preparing your application.

Sound like the perfect opportunity?

To apply please email Mark Worden at

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