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Upcoming Event – 10 ways to improve the performance of your Facebook page

Time: 10 – 12pm Date: Tuesday 10th October 2017 Venue: Old Sunday School, Broadwoodwidger, Lifton, Devon PL16 0JJ The majority of businesses across Devon and Cornwall will have a Facebook page, which absolutely makes sense given there’s around 48 million users in the UK alone! The problem is that many businesses won’t know how to make the most […]

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21 types of content we all crave

Social media is made up of all different types of content created to appeal to every type of person imaginable. From entertaining, light and funny content to news stories and newsletters, there is a huge variety of content online which different people engage with. We’ve managed to gather 21 different types of content and we […]

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6 ways to increase the reach of your posts on Facebook

The right time Statistics show that posts made between 9pm – 11pm gain 88% more interaction. Wondering which day is the best? It’s Sunday! Posting on this day gains up to 52.9% more interactions than the average post. The right length How long should your Facebook post be? The answer is long enough, but not […]

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The average social media user – where are your customers?

Facebook users Almost 30% of Facebook users are between 25 – 24 years of age, and during these years 91% of them have a Facebook account. With two out of three users checking it daily, it’s a great place to gain repeat exposure to your brand; 32% of users engage with brands regularly. Twitter users […]

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Facebook Do’s and Don’ts for Small Businesses

Facebook Do’s and Don’ts for small businesses What you should be doing Use imagery – Posts with great photos gain 120% more engagement. Choose your time – Posts made on Saturdays and Sundays boost shares and likes by 32%. Engagement is also higher on Friday’s! Use video – The most shared type of post is […]

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10 ways to get more people to see your Facebook posts

If you’re posting onto Facebook you’ll undoubtedly want as many people as possible to see what it is you’re writing and sharing.  The good news is that there’s a few simple and easy ways to increase that all-important ‘people reached’ figure you’ll see glaring back at you underneath each post you make… Use attractive imagery […]

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Five of the best apps for Facebook competitions

Running a competition on Facebook is a great way to increase your reach, likes and the engagement people have with your page. We’ve spoken about making your competition successful, but how about getting a third party app to do the work? They can add functionality such as gaining email addresses and other information, as well […]

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10 steps to a successful Facebook competition

Many local businesses will have run a Facebook competition over the past couple of years, and even if you’re one of those that have stayed on the side lines when it comes to this promotional activity, you will have almost certainly seen others having a go. With this in mind, we take a look at […]

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Facebook expands into the workplace

It was only going to be a matter of time, and that time appears to be edging ever closer as Facebook begin to expand into the workplace. The primary function of the current site is obviously to keep people connected with friends and family; they now want to do the same for coworkers. They’ve had […]

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