Training Courses

We're here to help you gain more from your online presence

All of our training courses can be carried out at your place of work and will be fully tailored to your current level of experience and knowledge. Please give us a call to talk about how our training can work for you.

Twitter for Business Training

Learn how to promote your business to some of the 200 million Twitter users, build engagement and dialogue, keep an eye on competitors and win new business.

Facebook Pages and Promotion

Find out how to use the world’s largest social network for your business; building your brand presence through a dedicated page and promoting it through advertising.

LinkedIn Training

From profiles to connections and groups; we’ll help you get the most from LinkedIn, extend your professional network and find some business opportunities you would have missed.

Google Advertising Training

Our Google advertising training will help you understand what your customers are searching for and allow you to create campaigns that generate revenue by getting them to your website.

Google Analytics Training

The digital world is full of statistics.  After our training you’ll be using all of the information at your disposal to make better decisions on how you can improve your online marketing performance.

Google+ Training

It’s no longer the new kid on the block and it’s becoming more important.  Learn how to use one of the fastest growing social networks out there – Google’s very own Google Plus.

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