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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google answers more than one billion questions a day.

Search engines are now an essential part of the decision making process when people are looking to purchase products or services. They use them to research, establish their options and guide their buying decisions.

Once they arrive at a search engine the website ranking number one in Google will get 33% of all traffic, dropping down to 18% if you are in second and further thereafter.

It’s vital that your site ranks as highly as possible to ensure that potential and existing customers are finding and buying from you. We’re here to help you achieve that.

Ranking for the right words

Understanding what your customers are searching for is critical to your search engine success. Ranking highly for phrases that nobody is using won’t bring you business; ranking highly for the terms your potential customers search for will.

When we work with you on a SEO campaign we’ll research and find the key phrases that are going to work best for you; the ones that will bring you revenue.

We’ll then work on increasing your rankings for these key phrases. The great thing about SEO is that the results are clearly measurable so you’ll be able to see exactly what impact we’re having on Google and your bottom line.

How we work

Search engines are constantly changing and evolving. Google made more than 300 algorithm changes in the last year alone. Whilst some of these are bigger than others the clear message is that you need to continually strengthen your search engine presence.

When we begin working with your business we’ll complete a full search engine audit. This will include reviewing aspects of your website, the links to your site and research on key phrases that your customers use. We’ll give you action points for how you can improve and also implement these for you if you need us to.

To help you stay ahead of the competition we’d then like to work with you on a monthly basis, but of course, there is no obligation to use us on a retainer.

Lets discuss your SEO requirements

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Looking at SEO? How else can we help your online presence?

Digital Strategy

If you’re looking to increase your presence in search engines we’d like to discuss how we can use other aspects of your online marketing to further boost your revenues.

Find out more about MiHi digital strategy

Social Media

Search engines will deliver traffic to your website.  Make sure that you build dialogue and relationships with them once they get there through our social media services.

Find out more about MiHi social

Advertising on Google

Supplement your increased organic rankings by Pay Per Click advertising to give you even more search engine clout.

Find out more about MiHi PPC

Brand monitoring and protection

The more people visiting your site, the more people that will be talking about it.  Let us make sure your brand and reputation is well managed through our monitoring tools.

Find out more about MiHi Brand Protection


We offer training on all aspects online marketing and what is more, we’ll tailor it for your business.  This can include pay per click advertising and Google analytics – allowing you to drive more traffic to your site and fully understand the benefits those visitors are bringing.

Find out more about MiHi Training

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