Facebook Pages and Promotion

Want to learn how to utilise the biggest social network in the world to build dialogue with customers and generate revenue? Say MiHi to Facebook.

Why Facebook?

Facebook has more than 1.1 billion users, 50% of whom log on to the site on any given day. Their average visit lasts 20 minutes during which time one million links will have been shared, two million friend requests sent and three million messages exchanged across the Facebook network.

Facebook is massive and so are the opportunities. It can be used to extend your brand presence and awareness, promote engagement by talking directly with your customers, drive website traffic and ultimately increase your online revenues.

If you know that your customers are on Facebook now is the time to engage with them.

Facebook Pages and Advertising

As with all of our training courses we’ll tailor the content to your specific learning needs. If you haven’t got a page we’ll teach you how to set it up, get people visiting and everything else you’ll need to know to get your page off to a great start.

If you already have a page then are you using Facebook advertising to drive visits and new ‘likes’? We’ll be able to cover that too!

If you want to gain more from your existing page we’ll conduct a full audit of your activity as part of your training, providing you with action points to take away that will improve your activity.

Training when you need it

We want our training services to be as flexible as possible. We think this is the best way to help you achieve the greatest possible results.

That’s why we are able to conduct our training at your place of work. We’re also able to do our training as a series of shorter sessions rather than a full or half day if you need us to.

Before your training we’ll make sure that we have a fully agreed outline of everything that you need to cover and if you need further sessions as your Facebook presence grows from strength to strength we’re here to help.

Lets discuss your Facebook presence

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