Twitter for Business Training

Want to learn how to engage and build dialogue on Twitter? Find new business opportunities? Say MiHi to Twitter training.

Why Twitter

Twitter is a micro blogging website that allows people to post and read 140 character posts called tweets.

Are your customers and potential customers on Twitter? There are more than 200 million Twitter users worldwide so the answer is probably yes. The greatest asset of Twitter is if used effectively it can bring you closer to customers, allow you to build ongoing dialogue and in doing so longer lasting relationships.

It can also provide you with another promotional avenue for your products and services, enabling you to talk directly to a captive audience.

Often overlooked, you can also find out exactly what your competitors are doing and what their customers are saying.

Training for all levels

High quality training is about meeting the needs of the delegates. That’s why our training is designed around your level of Twitter expertise.

We’ll talk to you about what you are looking to achieve from your Twitter account, your existing level of knowledge and agree what you would like to cover.

If you are new to Twitter we can set you up with your account and talk you through the basics. Even if you’re already using Twitter or are an advanced user we can still help you focus your activity and ensure you are gaining the most from your time.

You may also be interested in our social media strategies to make the most of your training.

Training at your convenience

It can sometimes be difficult to take half or a full day out of the office at training. That’s why we offer to perform our training at your place of work, as well as our own offices, depending on which works for you. If you need a series of shorter sessions we are also able to meet your requirements.

Our training can be as a one-off solution or as ongoing support; it’s on hand when you need it.

If you would like to discuss the potential impact that Twitter could have on your business, whether it is right for you or how to book our Twitter training then please give us a call.

Lets discuss your Twitter training

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