The evolution of blogging

With more than 2.7 million blog posts written every day, blogging has become an immensely popular way of sharing information. From food and drink to experiences and places; people are blogging about everything and anything.

We’ve taken a look at the rise of blogging and how it’s transformed the business industry.

If you’re not blogging by the end of it, you should be!

Started from a conversation

So what does the word blog mean? The word ‘blog’ is defined as a personal webpage or website in which people record their opinions, often on a regular basis. This has evolved to now include factual articles, tips, and generally information that adds value as the race to create content that converts potential customers to paying ones intensifies for businesses across the globe.

Although the term ‘weblog’ dates back to 1997, in 1999 the first free blog-creation site available for anyone to use was launched.The system, owned by Google and called Blogger, today has more than 550 million active users!

People are being more creative

No matter what the topic is, it can be blogged about. What started out as a way of expressing personal musings has now developed into a social sharing success with many making huge amounts from their websites.

Martin Lewis, founder of price comparison site is a somewhat of a blogging superstar. He started his newsletter blog in 2003 and subsequently sold his website for £87 million in 2012.

Whether or not you blog to make money, the benefits of blogging to your company can be hugely rewarding, both socially and informatively.

How are businesses benefiting from blogging?

Many have said that the latest age of digital marketing is all about content. So what does that really mean? There are several ways in which businesses can benefit from firing up their blog content;

• You can increase the number of key phrases you rank for in search engines; if you don’t have relevant content then you’re not going to rank. Adding content to a blog increases the number of terms you rank for because you have content around that area.

• Regular content makes Google is a regular visitor to your site. If your site hasn’t been updated then Google has no more insentive to visit your site than anyone else. Keep it up to date and it’ll want to see what’s new, and where it should rank.

• Blog content gives you great conversation starters and information to share on social media. If you write articles that people want to read (the ones that actually add value and give them information of interest) then you’ll get them to your site and have a positive brand interaction that they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

What does the future hold?

Where does blogging go from here? With an infinite amount of reasons to blog, the popular way of sharing information is rapidly evolving.

Other forms of blogging are now taking off including Microblogging and Plogging — shorter, concise posts, which include GIFS, texts, photos and videos.

What’s next? Watch this space…

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