Five reasons digital marketing is perfect for businesses in Devon and Cornwall

  • 23rd June 201623/06/16
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We’ve worked with more than 150 businesses across the region in the past two years so we hopefully understand what it is people need, and the barriers they have in achieving that.

For those that don’t currently have the in-house skills (which will be plenty of you) it can be a daunting task looking to bring in a specialist, particularly when you don’t really know what it is they should be helping you with, and whether what they’re saying is credible or not.

I get this as a business owner myself; we bring in external specialists in areas such as HR where my own knowledge is not as strong, and knowing what to look for can be challenging.

Here are five reasons your business should be using digital marketing, and why you hopefully won’t be scared off!


Digital marketing doesn’t need to cost you the earth; two things we focus on are making sure that you’re doing the things that you should be doing in order to bring in additional revenue. With so many different things you could be doing, it really is focus that will get you to where you need to go. First step first, generate revenue, and then plough that into more marketing so you can gain even bigger reward!

We also focus on training; if you have the skills and the focus you really do have a winning combo, and one that won’t cost you a fortune using a specialist going forward.

2.Direct contact

Whether it’s a smart phone, a desktop computer or an evening browse on the tablet, people’s daily lives are monopolised by a screen. That brings great opportunities to your business if you’re able to find where your customers spend their time and interact with them there!

3.Highly measurable

One thing you’ll want as a business owner is to know exactly what it is you’re getting. From Google analytics through to Twitter statistics the online world of marketing is full of information; you just need to know what it is you’re looking for. That’s where we help clients; we set goals for our work and explain and justify how it’s helping your business. If that’s not enough we can give training on all things analytics to make you a complete statistics guru!

4.Big exposure

You send a tweet with a link to your latest blog post to your 4,000 followers.

Three people retweet it, they each have 500 followers.

You have now reached an extra 1,500 people.
The opportunity for exposure in digital marketing is huge. Twitter alone can get you a vast amount of exposure through just 140 characters, and in some months we’ve been known to quote for more than £10,000 of work. We’re not doing anything anyone else can’t do for their business, and we regularly help small business owners harness the power of Twitter or Facebook to get bookings, sales or whatever it may be through the door.

5.Everyone else is doing it

We know that peer pressure is wrong, but it’s hard to ignore the dramatic increase in all things digital over recent years. It is now odd to come across a business that doesn’t have a website or any social media accounts. As everything else in the world seems to be moving online, it won’t be long until those business without any digital marketing will be left behind, if they’re not already.

For more information on how we can boost your online presence give us a call on 01566 784860 or email

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