Flyonix Launch New Innovation on Kickstarter

  • 8th April 20148/04/14
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We like to think of ourselves as a pretty innovative company so to see one of our clients at the cutting edge of their own industry, not only locally, but also nationally and beyond is great!

Flyonix haven’t been around for that long – just a couple years – but boy are they making big waves!

Following on from their recent new website and launch of their e-commerce presence the team now have their sights set on reinventing the way in which the industry looks at camera stabilisation.

They’re hoping to bring to the marketplace two great new systems that are unlike anything available on the market today.

They’ve this week launched a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to help them develop their new stabilisers and bring them to an even bigger market.

Want to know exactly what they do?

Take a look at the video and if you’re in the industry then why not invest and make sure you’re action footage is rock solid from now on!

Click here to visit their Kickstarter campaign

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