The office Dog – a story of creativity with purpose

We love creativity when it has a purpose.  So when we heard about an initiative run by an international social media agency we wanted to share it with you.

As a social media agency they were looking to engage with business owners across the UK.  They wanted access to the senior decision maker that would have the say on whether or not their companies embraced social media and allocated budget to it.

They sat down and had a brainstorm; how do we get to the senior decision maker at each of these businesses without using old hat marketing techniques such as telesales or direct mail.

The answer of course lay in social media.

They launched a nationwide search for the country’s best office dog, with thousands of entries pouring in from across Twitter and Facebook.

Not seeing the connection yet?

In a very high percentage of cases the office dog was owned by the business owner or by a senior decision maker!

There they had it; direct interaction with their target market through a mans best friend and a very good demonstration of the power of social media and their own innovation!

The winner was announced sometime later, along with a bucket load of new client wins and more awards than they could fit above their office dog’s mantelpiece!

So go on; embrace creativity with purpose and direction!

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