Responsive design – what is it and why is it so popular?

  • 3rd December 20133/12/13
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Go back several years and you would be talking to your web developer about building a mobile site, perhaps hosting it on a subdomain, something along the lines of to deal with the increased levels of traffic you were seeing from mobile.

If only there were a way around this. Perhaps a way of building a site that has cross platform compatibility.

Responsive design does what it says on the tin. It responds to the devise on which it is being displayed. There is no better way to demonstrate this than with your browser window. If your site is responsively designed then as you pull the window smaller, before your own eyes, you will see your site begin to change to fit its pixel environment. Your navigation may fall to a drop down, your images get smaller and go from a horizontal display to a vertical series.

Throw this forward and visit the same site on your smart phone, then your iPad or other tablet. In the case of the smart phone your main navigation will become a drop down and overall your site will give your visitors a much better experience.

The Question:

What can responsive design offer you?

The Answer:

An enhanced experience across multiple platforms and to a certain extent a greater level of future proofing as more and more visits going forward emanate from phones and tablets.

Web design is all about giving the visitor the optimal site experience. Now whatever devise you are visiting with, responsive design should have a better answer for your needs without multiple development builds.

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