Why having the right logo is the key to your brand image

  • 9th February 20169/02/16
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When you’re browsing your favourite brands or picking up a product, what is the first thing you notice? The packaging most probably! At the forefront of this is the company’s logo.

A logo is what makes a business stand out from the crowd. Ever played the logo game? No doubt you’ll recognise the majority of them without hesitating and this is the same effect you want to create with your logo.

So if you’re considering a new or updated logo for your business, here are five things to ensure it lives long in the memory!

Simplicity says a lot

Your business may offer a variety of products and services, but avoid trying to cram everything into your logo.

It should be clean and simple. Consider both images and text, do they work better together or on their own?

Know your business

Do you look at some logos and question the quality of the product or service? Your logo defines your company, so if you’re promoting a luxury item, it stands to reason you’ll want a high-end logo.

Whether your logo includes your business’s slogan, an acronym, location, product or service, ensure you know what you want the logo to represent before spending hundreds on a complicated design.


Sizing plays an important role when it comes to logos. A logo has to look distinctive in whatever format it is used, whether it’s on a website, social media, poster or t-shirt.

Ensure the quality of your logo doesn’t differ wherever it’s used and at different sizes.

Also worth remembering that the profile pictures on both Facebook and Twitter are square; you may need to have a few different versions of your logo, suitable for where you’re using them.

Colour is key

Colour in a logo is a great way of making it stand out. The important thing to remember here is to keep the colours of your logo in line with the rest of your branding.

Colour is key, but the design of your logo should be equally as attractive with or without colour. Is it recognisable without colour?


The price of your logo can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds, but the price you pay ultimately comes down to what you want and your budget.

Already have a logo design in mind? Remember to shop around to get the best price.

Considering a new logo for your business? Click here to see an example of we’ve created or give us a call/ email today, 01566 232323 / email to talk through some ideas.

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