Somersby Cider gives a new perspective on an Apple launch

  • 9th October 20139/10/13
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Sometimes a company completely nails a spoof advertising campaign.  Somersby Cider achieved this when they launched their spoof Apple product launch.

Anyone watching the advert that has ever been in an Apple store (lets face it that will account for a large proportion of the population) particularly on a launch day will feel quite at home watching Somersby’s own take on their product launch – available in the 16 or the 32 pip.

More than one million YouTube views and 9,000 likes in April 2013 alone will tell you that this has been a great success in generating social buzz for the brand.

It’s a great example of creativity conquering social media so we wanted to share it with you all.

Cheers and well done to Somersby and everyone involved!

And below is how they put it all together from the Somersby YouTube channel.

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