Weymouth’s Sandworld – drawing visitors from around the world

Everyone loves a good sandcastle, but Sandworld takes them to a whole new level! Since 2011 Sandworld has displayed some of the best sand sculptures around, and each year it pulls in more and more visitors from around the world.

Based on Weymouth seafront, the unique sand sculpture is co-owned by Mark and David and was founded by Mark’s grandfather, Fred. For nearly 70 summers, visitors to Weymouth were delighted by Fred’s impressive models and sculptures, and now they are as equally enthralled by Mark and his team’s creations at the UK’s only all-weather Sand Sculpture Festival.

With 2,000 tonnes of sand used each year, Sandworld is proud to be one of the best sand sculpture festivals in the world. Open from early April, they welcome visitors of all ages; whether 1 or 100, guests always have a great time. Each year sees a different theme, from animals to well-loved characters such as King Kong, and there’s often a work in progress throughout the season; allowing you to see how much work goes into a sculpture as well as the finished product.

Visit Sandworld’s new site, here:

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